Nazareth Mar Thoma Church

Sunday School

"Train a child in the way he should go , when he is old he will not depart from it" Proverbs 22: 6

Our Sunday School plays a vital role to train our children and making them to grow in to the spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. As a registered unit in Malankara Mar Thoma Sunday school Samajam, Nazareth Mar Thoma Sunday School started to function with a humble beginning soon after the formation of Mar Thoma congregation in the year 2006. The numbers of children were very less in the early years since we had only a few Marthomite families in Dublin that time. However, as a result of more families and youths from different parts of Kerala started to settle down in Dublin, the daily attendance hence began to increase significantly and this process is still continuing. We have now over one hundred students and 30 teachers in our Sunday school. Children from other Christian denominations are also coming to our Sunday School.

Sunday School begins at 9.15 am on every Saturday with a general assembly. There will be singing session, worship & birthday felicitation, prior to dispersing for the classes.  Every year we conduct VBS and the average attendance per day is 110. We are following the curriculum introduced by the Samajam and conduct the examination accordingly and our academic year will be January to December.


  • Encourage Children to Use Biblical Principles as a moral compass t guide and protect them through out every day life
  • Teaching kids about God and developing them as an important part of our church
  • To bring every children close to Jesus
  • Challenging them to promote the values of kingdom of God in their lives and to serve others in true Christian love
  • To Develop a child’s  identity  as part of community

Office Bearers 2016

Name Position Contact
President Rev.Varghese Philip 0870976063
Headmaster Mr.Binu P.Varghese 0879800523
Secretary Mrs. Jessey George
Treasurer Mr. Anu Samuel


Church Committee Member Mr.Binu P.Varghese